IAA Ramsey Award Scholarship Winner Daniel Hillman

Each year the Indiana Arborist Association (IAA) awards the IAA- Ramsey Award to a Purdue University student who has a professional interest in some aspect of urban forestry. The IAA makes the award in memory of Paul Ramsey, who was an outstanding professional arborist in Indiana. The award consists of a scholarship award plaque and $1,000.00. The recipient will be presented the award at the IAA Annual Conference luncheon, in Indianapolis, as well as the Forestry and Natural Resources Annual Spring Awards Program at Purdue University.

Candidates for this award should be students in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources or Horticulture at Purdue University and have completed their sophomore year and be in good academic standing. Candidates are not limited to the Urban Forestry area and may be of related science. The selection committee consists of at least three (3) members of the IAA and review applications the last week of November.

IAA-RAMSEY Urban Forestry Scholarship​ Application (PDF 175KB)

2023 Daniel Hillman
2022 Lina Bernabe and Zach Nemeth
2021 Tate Allen
 Tate Allen
2019 Kellee Edington
2018 Ben McCallister and Kellee Edington
2017 Ben McCallister and Sarah Abercrombie
2016 Casey Johnson
2015 Casey Johnson
2014 Travis Dunn
2013 Kris Brown
2012 Andy Ritter
2011 Zachary Seeger
2010 Andy Ritter
2009 Brad Engle
2008 Michael Ranninger
2007 N/A
2006 Joseph Uhler
2005 Cory Schnick
2004 Cory Schnick

2003 Andrew Callahan
2002 Adam Ward
2001 Jeff Clark
1999 William Shoemaker, Jr.
1998 William Shoemaker, Jr
1997 Hollie Thierbach
1996 Melissa Spiker
1995 Michael Callahan
1994 Heather Lanham
1993 Not Awarded
1992 Stephanie Foster
1991 David Wenk
1990 David Wenk
1989 David Breedlove
1988 David Breedlove
1987 Sharon Richley
1986 Sharon Richley

1985 Carla Chesterton
1984 Derek Vannice
1983 Mark Polliak
1982 Michael Maskal
1981 Matthew Fleck
1980 Elizabeth Blair
1979 Hans Williams
1978 Raymond Rudie, Jr.
1977 Jeffrey Ford
1976 John Toth
1975 Susan Morgan