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The Indiana Tree Climbing Competition will take place on October 6, 2018 at Garfield Park, 7am to 5pm EST, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Tree ClimberVolunteer

There is no fee to be a volunteer, and we need assistance specifically with judging, tree techs, belayers, time keepers, etc. for each event. Fill out the online form, 2018 IAA Tree Climbing Championship. and make sure you place shirt size for your free t-shirt.

Tree Climber


To help support the IAA with the cost of the event and expenses for our Indiana representative going to the International Tree Climbing Competition, please contact the Chapter Executive, Lindsey Purcell.


Checkout the Indiana Arborist Association Tree Climbing Competition Facebook page for updates and photos throughout the day,

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ArborMaster Climbing Kit Package

The Indiana Arborist Association is pleased to announce the 2016 ArborMaster Climbing Kit Prize Package for the Tree Climbing Champion (TCC), held in conjunction with the chapter’s 2016 Tree Climbing Championship (TCC) event.
This climbing kit is being offered to each chapter champion (both man and woman, if applicable)! The package is intended to help equip the chapter representative(s) for the International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC) Competition.

Each prize package includes:

  • Arborist Technical Helmet by Petzl, Husqvarna Composite Multi-Purpose Ax, and Husqvarna Technical Pro Zipper Apron Wrap Chap
  • Silky Tsurugi Curve Hand Saw
  • Tree Squeeze provided by Buckingham
  • 150’ ArborMaster® Climbing Line with eye splice from Samson
  • OREGON® Tool Bag
  • Vermeer logo ’d Camelback Water Bottle
  • 50% savings for an ArborMaster® 2-Day or 3-Day Hands-On Training Module
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